Daily Archives: April 12, 2010

Still working

Word count total: 2593

I love the premise of my new story, but the execution of the scenes, not so much. It’s day two of writing at instead of writing. Not sure what the cure for that little problem is. For now, I’m going to keep writing and worry about fixing later.
I’m not writing the typical book. I have two viewpoints, both first person, and I ended the opening by jumping forward in time to the black moment, then jumping back to present. It’s totally different.
I need to get a plot board set up, and I need to figure out my heroine’s name.
I deleted my facebook games today. No more timesucks there.
My principal told me my newspaper numbers are down to 7 next year. 7.
I know it’s because we’ve switched to online only, but we’re not selling enough ads to publish, so…
It’s been a crazy year.
Back to the book:
I need to figure out a way to get into deep point of view. Ugh. So far not happening.