Daily Archives: April 9, 2010

Just in Case

You haven’t seen this, and you’re a writer, check it out:

I’m going to spend a lot of pre-writing time with this one.
I always have to write the first few scenes before I know what’s going on, but after that, I’m slowing down.
I’ll keep writing updates here, and I’m sure I’ll have stories to tell, like the fact that instead of wishing dear Katie a happy birthday when she turned 20, I wished dead Katie a happy birthday. On her Facebook wall. And she wouldn’t take it down. OR
about how I’ve been working in the backyard for the first time in two years. My backyard is huge. It was a forest. But it’s starting to look better. OR
about how my car just randomly quits running when I’m driving down the road. I start it back up no problem, I barely even slow down. Very Strange. OR
About how yearbook sales are down significantly this year AND ads sales too AND my staff is half what it has been for next year because of stupid 4*4 AND I still have to accomplish what I’ve done in the past. OR
About yearbook camp in Galveston this summer. OR
About what’s for dinner.
I’m slowinging down.
It’s going to be interesting!