From Moving On Column One

Manuscript back out AND started new novel.

I see dead people.

I know, I know. Ever since that movie with the kid who says those words, people think it’s no big deal. But that’s just because the words are associated with fiction, make believe. Like Snow White and calorie-free chocolate chip cookies and Prince Charming.

And unlike the surprise ending of the movie, I’m 100 percent alive.

I see dead people and usually, it’s no big deal. I just say “go to the light” and poof, away they go. But for three days now, I say the words and nothing. Notta. No presto, magico, there they go. The dead people just stand there looking at me like I’m supposed to do something about it.

The thing is, most of the time, I SEE them, but I can’t hear them or touch them or anything. So these days I’m walking around with a band of merry ghosts following me everywhere I go. Now, usually, that wouldn’t be that big of a problem, but, today, it’s a very BIG problem. Because in 10 minutes I’ve got an interview for my very first job ever, and I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate on what the Taco Blast manager Mr. Willingham asks me if I see Sharlene Gallagher sitting across from me. I guess I should call the police and let them know Sharlene’s dead. People have been wondering for years. Now I’ve got the proof.


One response to “From Moving On Column One

  1. Wow, great grab, love it! Glad to see you still working towards the dream!

    Stacy Dawn

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