Grandma Vanderburg

Things I discovered about my amazing grandma at her funeral:
She grew up on the oil fields of Texas and Oklahoma.
She was naive as a young woman. Grandpa told her to beat the gas out of the beans before cooking them, and she thought he was serious.
She did the books for the churches she and Grandpa pastored and helped save multiple small churches across Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Tennessee, Washington and North Dakota.
She graduated from school in Oklahoma.
She made the highest score of anyone on her practical nursing test, and she held that record score until they changed the format of the test.

The funeral was sad because I hated to say goodbye. It was beautiful because it didn’t feel like an end. They played two of her songs and it was like she was there with us.
After the funeral one of my cousins brought up how lucky we were that she’d taught us so much. She was never judgmental, she loved unconditionally. She taught me that if you laugh at inappropriate behavior, it’s the same as if you’re committing the act. She taught me how to control my temper. She taught me to clean a kitchen and make a bed and make white gravy. She explained that the holy spirit isn’t loud, but people are when they get excited about Him, so it wasn’t a bad thing that I didn’t want to be loud. She reminded me that Jesus worked outside the church.
She and Grandpa were a true love story.
Back before they even knew each other, the OKC paper ran a story on Grandpa because his wife died leaving him with four sons. Grandma cut that story out of the paper and prayed for the young minister. Two years later she married him. She didn’t allow people to call her new children step children. The three boys (one baby died before she met Grandpa) were HERS.
Grandpa says she won the race. She got to heaven first. I’m going to try to remember that.

2 responses to “Grandma Vanderburg

  1. Your grandma sounds amazing. I love the story of how she and your grandpa got together! I’m sorry for your loss, though,

  2. Silversmith3070

    I liked your viewpoint, dear sister. What’s funny is that since Grandma died, I really do look forward to going to Heaven. I mean I always wanted to go there, as opposed to the other place, but since she left, it’s more real to me. I really look forward to seeing her there. Now, for me, to live is Christ, to die is gain. No, I am not wishing for death. I just see the other side so much more clearly now.

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