A Vegan Lent by DD

DD decided to be vegan for Lent. It’s not exactly easy, but she’s making due. She needs something more than beans and rice to give her energy.
It’s interesting that she chose this path for Lent.Back when she was a toddler, she was a natural vegetarian. She’d cry every time we had hamburgers and pull the meat from the food we ate. It didn’t bother me, I just figured it was something she’d grow out of. And she did, but she’s always enjoyed meatless dishes as much as the ones with meat. Vegan is a whole different story. It’s hard to be vegan. At least it’s hard to be vegan in Wichita Falls where Whole Foods is far, far away.

PS: updated to add that since Lent started and DD started her vegan lifestyle she’s lost a clothes size without even trying. Interesting.

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