Npr’s Eric Weiner wrote an interesting article on why he fears the e-book.
I started reading digital books over a year ago, and I haven’t read a paper book since unless it’s already on my shelf or I check it out from the library. I love eBooks, and I’m more than a little excited about the rumored Apple tablet that will hopefully combine my phone, laptop, music player and eReader all in one device. I read on my iTouch now, but the screen is a little too small for some projects. That said, it’s still great to carry several books at once, never need a booklight or bookmark AND change the font size as needed. Some days my eyes are tired!
Still, I understand the fear of the eBook. My friend Karen Kelley fights a constant battle against piracy. Almost every day her books show up online–even the brand new releases.
Publishers don’t want to offer new e-releases and suffer sales of hardbacks. I guess I can understand that. I think I paid Sam’s Club price for SEP’s new book the day it was released. Hopefully that’s an option being explored.
E-textbooks will be a Godsend. The kids walk around with 60 pound backpacks all the time.
The only problem I see with eBooks right now is the format issue. It’s a pain to download a PDF and discover, no, it’s not a real pdf, it’s an Adobe e-editions, and it doesn’t work on your device. Hopefully, that issue is resolved as new e-readers are developed.

2 responses to “Ebooks

  1. I agree with the idea of using e-books and readers like kindle in the place of textbooks. The problem is that the blind have sued universities over access because there is no way to use one if you are blind. Some have the ability to read aloud but it doesn’t help much in class. While I believe this is a real problem,I think that most “accessibility” issues involve keeping other people down, not raising your own class, however defined. We are not likely to see full university (or secondary school) support of e-readers until there is some kind of equity for the blind.


    • Interesting. I had no idea. I thought braille textbooks were printed separately from standard texts anyway. There are several schools pioneering e-campuses already. My friend teaches at one in Texas. This is their second year. https://marybethlee.wordpress.com/ If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.–Anna Quindlen

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