Daily Archives: January 25, 2010


Npr’s Eric Weiner wrote an interesting article on why he fears the e-book.
I started reading digital books over a year ago, and I haven’t read a paper book since unless it’s already on my shelf or I check it out from the library. I love eBooks, and I’m more than a little excited about the rumored Apple tablet that will hopefully combine my phone, laptop, music player and eReader all in one device. I read on my iTouch now, but the screen is a little too small for some projects. That said, it’s still great to carry several books at once, never need a booklight or bookmark AND change the font size as needed. Some days my eyes are tired!
Still, I understand the fear of the eBook. My friend Karen Kelley fights a constant battle against piracy. Almost every day her books show up online–even the brand new releases.
Publishers don’t want to offer new e-releases and suffer sales of hardbacks. I guess I can understand that. I think I paid Sam’s Club price for SEP’s new book the day it was released. Hopefully that’s an option being explored.
E-textbooks will be a Godsend. The kids walk around with 60 pound backpacks all the time.
The only problem I see with eBooks right now is the format issue. It’s a pain to download a PDF and discover, no, it’s not a real pdf, it’s an Adobe e-editions, and it doesn’t work on your device. Hopefully, that issue is resolved as new e-readers are developed.