Finding My Voice

Years ago, back when I first started writing, a bestselling author told me to look at my bookshelf and write what I like to read.
Problem: I like to read everything. My keeper shelf–back before I started reading eBooks–consisted of everything from Dostoevsky to Jane Austen to Jennifer Crusie & Susan Elizabeth Phillips to Margot Early & Julie Miller to John Grisham & James Patterson.
I’ve tried writing everything, but from the very beginning, dead people kept showing up.
So I write suspense. And I get requests. And I get rejections that say the book has too much romance, submit to the suspense line OR the book has too much suspense submit to the romance line. 🙂
I guess the writer me isn’t quite sure what she’s writing.
WIth the last book, I wrote the first draft, used some plot tools after the fact, amped up conflict after the fact, used a plot board after the fact.
It made a difference. An agent read the story and said she wasn’t interested in category, so she wouldn’t represent the work, but she saw it as an Intrigue and felt it would sell and invited me to call if I wanted her to help me with the contract. I hope she’s right about Intrigue. 🙂
She also invited me to submit anything longer. She liked my voice.
YAY. But I don’t have anything longer.
I’ve wanted to write for Harlequin for years, and that’s my goal.
Wish me luck!

One response to “Finding My Voice

  1. Fingers still crossed!!!!

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