Daily Archives: January 22, 2010


I’m not a doctor or a medical professional at all, so I have no idea about any of this.

So I’m sitting here watching David Letterman, strictly because he does a great job skewering NBC and Jay Leno and even though I’m more than a little upset with Letterman, he just did the coolest thing ever, buying $2000 of Girl Scout cookies from one of the audience members.
So anyway…sitting, watching Letterman, thinking GOOD PR, when this commercial for Abilify comes on.
I seriously thought the ad was a joke since its warnings included everything from heart attacks to deaths. More of the commercial was warning than actual advertisement. This is a depression medication.
I was on depression medication for a while a few yeas ago. I don’t think I would’ve touched it with those side effects!
I wonder how much the drug company responsible for Abilify paid for the ad campaign and how much they make off the medicine, and I can’t help but wonder if drugs like this aren’t part of the reason we’re in need of healthcare reform.