Daily Archives: January 21, 2010

A conversation in class

The day after the Haiti earthquake, two of my students were talking about why it wasn’t our job or our business to help out in Haiti.
One of the students in our college ministry is from Haiti, and I’ve heard him give his testimony, so maybe I’m a bit biased, but I couldn’t help but interject how lucky they were to be born wealthy and citizens of the US to parents who loved them.
I’m not sure either of the students understood my point.
After the school day ended, both whipped out their iPhones to check their latest Facebook updates. Facebook they get. The sheer poverty of a country 681 miles from the US, they don’t get it and they don’t care to get it.
Now that CNN is reporting several thousands Americans dead or missing, they care. But until then, they didn’t understand what the big deal was.
They’re not alone.
Their favorite radio personality Rush Limbaugh agrees.
And Pat Robertson says the Haitians have no one to blame but themselves and the devil.
It makes me sad that they don’t care.
Fortunately, others do. Our student council is sponsoring a fundraiser to donate money to the Red Cross. The basketball teams are raising money at their games with Hoops for Haiti. Both efforts have met with success.
I haven’t watched much news since the earthquake. It hurts too much to see the devastation. But while cruising news sites today I saw an amazing story about a Haitian woman still buried in the rubble. She’s stuck, and yet, she’s singing and praising God, thankful that people know she’s there but also happy to know that if she dies, her soul is safe.
That’s an amazing faith. It’s the kind of faith I’ve seen from the young Haitian man in our college class. He explained in our local paper that just waking up and walking outside takes faith in Haiti, even before this new disaster.
Maybe that’s why the boys talking in my class don’t get it. When they wake up they grab some breakfast, jump in their cars and drive to school. Right now, they don’t have to exercise their faith all that much, other than the faith that the AM station carrying Rush will actually come in on any given day. They don’t care because they don’t get it. That’s on us, the adults who let that happen.
We’ve got a lot of work to do.