Daily Archives: January 18, 2010


I’m on vacation in Vegas having a great time.
One of the reasons I’m having a great time is I brought a book by one of my favorite authors. BUT just as I got to the last forty pages of this awesome, amazing huge book that spans several decades, the author killed off one of the main characters. Totally threw her under the bus. For no purpose other than to make the reader cry. No lessons learned. When Luanne Rice killed off the heroine in CLoud Nine, I got it. AND she told me on page one that she was killing her off. This was different. This was stupid Nicholas Sparks Message in A Bottle or The Friday Night Knitting Club kind of killing off the person, only at least in Friday Night there was a greater purpose in the death.
You know, I guess she gets to be a “real” author now. I should’ve realized something was wrong when I saw the freaking cover quotes. It looked like I was getting ready to read an Oprah book. I should’ve known!
I wo’t be buying her books again. Grrrrr!