Daily Archives: January 9, 2010

Decisions and Cold and Why it Matters

A conversation with my body.
Me: Time to go.
Body: No
M: But the meeting…
B: NO!
M: But it’s going to be fun.
B: It’s -30 out there.
M: Windchill. Come on…
B: 5 real temp. And windchill is what I feel.
M: I lived in Minnesota. North Dakota, too.
B: You were a baby and in grade school and you had a snowmobile suit and a ski mask and a parka and those cute little mittens and that hat with your name on it your Aunt Barb made.
M: I have a coat now.
B: A Texas coat.
M: It’s a coat. Coats are all the same.
B: Tell that to your blue fingers and toes and …KNEE CAPS. No. You’re staying in. They just ran a crawl across the TV warning you to stay inside because it’s DEADLY out there. You know like the tornado crawls and massive heat wave crawls you’re used to.
M: But…
B: The eyes watered when you walked outside. The nose thought about freezing shut. Think about that!
M: But…
B: You go out there, I’m not responsible for what happens.
M: I told my kids today about a book I read where a guy gutted his horse, crawled inside the body and lived through a North Dakota Blizzard.
B: One. No horse. 2. If a horse happened upon the scene, you’re afraid of them.
M: True. You win. For now. Might change my mind.