New Year, New You

It’s the same every year. Dec. 31 hits and I break out the resolutions, and let’s just face it, I SUCK at resolutions.
I mean, hello, I know resolution one will be lose weight. It always is. And honestly, there’s nothing difficult about losing weight. I’ve probably lost a ton over the last ten years. That’s a literal ton, not one of those tons skinny girls who have to lose the same 10 freaking ponds talk about all the time. I’ve out my body through some serious stuff whipping it into shape and then whipping it right back out into Weight Watchers R Us.
So yeah. Losing weight would be at the top of my list.
Writing would be next.
I love writing. I love the challenge of creating characters from scratch and giving them a story that ends in happily ever after. I love everything about it. And still I’ll go months without working on a book. And those resolutions I make in December and put into effect Jan. 1, don’t really make a difference at all.
So this year I’m going to go anti-resolution.
I’m going to drink my champagne, watch the ball drop, kiss my sweetie at midnight. But I’m not going to make resolutions.


2 responses to “New Year, New You

  1. Are you resolved to not make resolutions?

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