“Don’t freak out.”
When your kid starts a story with those words, you know freaking out is going to be the least of your worries.
At least I know this.
And when DD told me she’d taken a stranger across town to his work, I about lost it.
He’d approached her in the bookstore parking lot and asked for a ride, and she said yes.
She said she’d planned on saying no, but yes came out, and she felt like it was the right thing to do, so she did it.
She said it was like God put the words in her mouth.
She knows I’m right about serial killers and rapists and robbers and all the horrible people in the world. And she knows we live in a prison town.
And she tells me I should know she’s the biggest scaredy cat in the world, so no way was she even the one in control there.
And my response is the same: No. Never. Not for any reason. Even if it is a God thing. Which gives me pause, but only a second’s worth.
Because the world is filled with horrible people, and I never want her to take a risk like that again.


One response to “Faith

  1. Gah, as soon as I read that I had a flashback to an episode of Biography channel’s “I Survived.” It was not a good episode.

    I’m way too distrusting, but I dunno, I think for me it’s better than the alternative!

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