Books in a Series

Used to, not really all that long ago, I loved the Stephanie Plum series. My friends and I even had Plum Parties on the June release date. We’d dress up in Stephanie clothes, tease our hair, eat brownies and drink wine and read from our new copies of the hardback.
I fell in love with the Dark Hunters way back when the second book came out. I inhaled those books. And then one day, I didn’t. I still haven’t read the last one.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips says she’s done with the Chicago Stars. If she really is, bravo to her. But if she’s not, you better believe I’ll be in line for the new book on release day.
I’m in the middle of the latest JD Robb Eve Dallas book. I love it. I did take over a year off before reading the last two, but I don’t think the time off matters. I thoroughly enjoy reading about Eve and Roarke and the whole supporting cast Robb has built. Even though the romantic conflict is barely there, I love the books.
Stephanie Plum bores me now. It’s the same old same old over and over. Now if there was a new Ranger series, I’d be there in a heartbeat.
I don’t know what it is about series. What keeps me reading or what makes me stop. Maybe it’s the whole book budget thing. Maybe if there are so many great books, some get lost in my lists. And maybe I’ll see a difference there now that I’m using the library more. But I don’t know.
I’ve always loved series. The first romances I remember buying were Johanna Lindsay’s Malory books. I couldn’t get enough of those books. But just like Stephanie Plum, one day, I quit. I can’t remember the last Lindsay book I read.
I know I quit reading Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series when Anita became more of a monster and the books more an erotic exploration. I loved that character, and then, quite suddenly, I didn’t.
I was sad when Diana Peterfreund’s Secret Society Girl series ended, but it was the perfect end.
I can’t imagine Robb wrapping the Eve Dallas series. Crime never stops in 2053 NYC, so Eve is always going to be on the job.
Maybe the fact that the Eve Dallas books are mysteries is what keeps them going. I know it’s the romance in the Stephanie Plum books that bores me.
Whatever it is, I love series, but I love it more when the author wraps a series that’s run its course.


2 responses to “Books in a Series

  1. You could try Robert Jordan. His series just lacked an editor with cajones. Someone needed to say, “Robert, honey, I know you are a very popular author and we print these books and basically it’s like printing money, but, really, you need to cut this and this and this. There you go. One great novel out of three pretty good ones.” He wrote 11 good books in what could have been a masterful 4 book series and then he died. Book 12 was written by another author using Robert’s copious notes. The new author also said that 1 book wasn’t enough to tie up all the loose threads Jordan had left (I agree) and there would be three books total. I don’t yet have the latest one but I’ll definitely read it. I have a vested interest in the lives of the characters. It’s called several weeks of my life reading 11 books. And these books are NOT SMALL.

    • One of my best friends has told me to read those. Her husband LOVED them.  I just started The Sharing Knife series. I can’t believe at this point in my life I’m getting into fantasy, but it’s so good. I had no idea what I was missing. If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.–Anna Quindlen

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