I’m not a fan of cold weather. I keep trying to get DH to move to the coast, and he keeps saying no even though he doesn’t like cold weather either.
I’m listening to Stephen King’s On Writing. I forgot how amazing the book is. I think I’ll make it required reading for media team next year. I’ve never required reading for my publications classes before. One year, I made them read a book every six weeks, but they could choose, but keeping up with reading logs drove me crazy. I’m going to try to make that happen.
I’m definitely changing the way I do business next semester. The kids need more direction. It’s not their fault. It’s what they’ve been conditioned for. I’ve actually been experimenting with changes all semester in my J-class. I post all handouts on my teacher website along with due dates AND I post the intros to each kind of writing also. It does help.
It won’t be easy to change the way I work. But it will be better. And after a year or two, it won’t be all that difficult either. The hard part will be making myself continue whatever it is I change. I have this habit of changing something and then sliding back to the way things have always been.


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