I don’t know if it’s because I got the nasty flu or what but last month I went through the strangest funk of my career.
See, I love my job. I’m doing what I’ve always wanted to be doing. At least on the newspaper side. Yearbook is an added bonus. I had no idea I’d love it, too, but I do.
At least, I did until this year.
And I even liked this year until last month, and suddenly I became one of those people counting down the days, frowning constantly, watching the clock and wondering if I’d ever get to leave.
I have a brand new newspaper staff, and this year’s kids are weird about deadlines…they don’t make them and they’re not like my past kids who might not make the deadline, but delivered in the end. These kids juts flat out don’t make them and then…welll, nothing.
At least that’s the way I was looking at things.
Last week I remembered sometimes it’s all about attitude, and I changed mine.
It changed things dratically.
I love my job again.
I know I have a lot of work ahead to make sure my kids get work done on time. These missed deadlines just won’t work, but I can do it. And they can too.
I’ve seen one of my yearbook classes finish multiple spreads in one day.
I have a great boss, I work in a district that cares about kids. Attitude is everything, and I’m not forgetting that again.


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