Watching today’s nightly news, I was less than impressed. The big story: Tiger Woods.
Now I’m not saying Tiger’s NOT news. I mean, the man’s amazing on the golf course. And, sure, his accident was news. For a day. And then, he should’ve been moved to an afterthought, NOT the lead story on every cable station and the national nightly news.
And Twilight is a HUGE success. I actually liked the book New Moon okay. I get that the movie ticket sales are big news. And the fact that The Blindside nearly pushed it off the number one spot is news, too. BUT better news would be the true story behind The Blindside.
Between this and the people who crashed the presidential dinner, I’m tired of the news. I go to Perez Hilton and TMZ for this kind of info!

I’ve been in a lousy mood for over a month. I’m going to work hard on changing that.


One response to “News?

  1. I had the same thought about Tiger Woods! Really? That’s all everyone was talking about at lunch, too!

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