2 months into the program…

and we’ve completely changed our lifestyle. Credit cards are practically gone and we’re saving and living off cash.
It’s amazing how credit had taken over our lives,a nd we didn’t even realize it.
Since switching to cash our food bills have reduced drastically. No more quick Wal-Mart runs. It’s amazing how cash changes everything.
And how getting rid of credit opens your eyes.
This week my 19-yr-old daughter got a pre-approved personal loan mailer for up to $25K per year for school. From the bank who’d handled her guaranteed student loan.
Up to $25k per year.
She works at Starbucks.
And since we started the Dave Ramsey class, we hear TONS of these stories.
It’s like the banks got together and said what can we do to destroy the US economy and then set out to do just that. People are worried about terrorists. That pre-approved up to $25k loan was equivalent to a bomb. If DD would’ve filed the appropriate paper work instead of shredding the application, she’d be on the path to financial ruin for the sake of an education, and education can’t rescue you from that kind of debt. Ask all those kids who graduated with degrees last May and are working for less than $30k a year. It’s not worth it.


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