LONG time!

I’m back. Well, as back as I can be.
This year’s been a struggle. Not sure exactly why, but I don’t feel like I have time to breathe. Maybe it’s that I’m not writing. Or maybe, it’s that I really don’t have time to breathe.
I think the big thing is deadline no longer means deadline.
I know that’s not the real case, but in the classroom, it absolutely is.
My kids for the most part can’t or won’t meet a deadline, and when they’re called on it, they stare at me blankly as if I’m the problem.
And seriously, with the almost across the board problem deadlines have become I’ve got to take some of the blame. But I don’t think I’m alone. I think that somewhere in the midst of all the educational reform deadline has ceased to be real to my students, and since I teach yearbook and newspaper, that’s a disaster.
Between that and TAKs writing, (AKA: worst writing ever!) I’m drowning.
I haven’t blogged.
I’m giving out individualized calendars tomorrow. I shouldn’t have to. My students should understand what’s expected simply from the multiple lists, signs and constant reminders. BUT they don’t. Fingers crossed the calendars work.

One response to “LONG time!

  1. Good luck with the calendars. My kids don’t understand when something’s due, it’s due. I had three kids turn in work this past week, when grades were turned in on Monday. Sorry, kiddo, that was due a MONTH ago.

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