The gods of bad ideas

Somewhere out there the gods of bad ideas are laughing their a**es off.
What was I thinking? I can’t look at a stick of butter without gaining a pants size, and lord knows, adding whole cream to the equation only ends in a complete and total…well, you know.
So this has been the week of amazing food. Amazing food I made, which is really, really a huge joke on me, because who knew?! Certainly not poor BL, lovingly known as BLT because even my significant others have food nicknames, who in 15 years of marriage never knew I could cook more than taco salad, lasagna and hot sauce.
I mean seriously. Our funniest “before we were married back in the days of wooing (is wooing a word? Is it woo-ing?) center around some major screwups in the kitchen starring me, some fire and a scorched rug. I know that sounds like some sort of sexy euphemistic romance, but it wasn’t. I almost had to call the fire department. I ruined the rug in my apartment AND I caught my newly manicured nails on fire.
Over the years I’ve subjected my family to lots of bad food. You think paper tastes bad? You ought to have been at the table for some of my Weight Watchers creations.
So now that the good old Betty Crocker cookbook is out and in the open and I’ve made this great week of food, so much so that BLT and I are practically waddling everywhere we walk, I realize…this can’t go on. I already have 10 sizes of clothes in my closet, I can’t have 12.
But, but, but, I LIKE cooking. I especially like baking bread. I’m making homemade rolls for supper tonight. But this new relationship I have with my kitchen has to end. It can’t go on. It’s bad for me. I’m going back to work. Waddling up the stairs to my classroom isn’t my idea of a good time. What have I done?!?!

2 responses to “The gods of bad ideas

  1. Homemade bread is the devil. I personally blame it for 30 pounds 😉

    good luck finding a happy medium!

  2. Mary Beth,

    Yep, I love all those good things, too. And I waddle if I eat all those things I really, really like … like half and half, real cream, etc. However, you can cook healthy. Try making whole wheat bread. Our breadmaker loaves make large slices, so I use only one slice for a sandwich, cut it in half, and fold it over, with all kinds of good stuff inside. So you can have your bread and eat it, too.

    I enjoy reading your blog.


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