No More Diets For Me

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

I don’t know how long that phrase has been in my head. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been on a diet. I remember waking up at 5:30 in the morning so I could do aerobics with some lady on TV when I was 12. I remember the 2 fats, 5 breads, unlimited veggies…diet when I was in elementary school.
I shopped in the “pretty plus” section because some moron thought calling the fat kid section pretty plus would make us feel better.
I’ve spent thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, on exercise videos DVDs, gym memberships, exercise clothes, Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, weights, balls…the list goes on and on.
I’ve been successful. I’ve lost more weight than I could ever keep track of, and I’ve gained every bit of it plus more back.
This weekend I saw Julie and Julia and I laughed because it made me want to cook, and I hate cooking. But then I remembered back to when I was a kid and my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook was the best kept secret in the house. I made chiffon pies and french toast and meat packets and all sorts of yummy stuff. I loved cooking and baking back then. When I moved out and moved into the world of diets and diet food, that changed. It’s not that I don’t like cooking, it’s that I really don’t like eating what I cook. It leaves me unfulfilled.
I decided to try something different.
I’m going to cook.
I’m going to use cream and butter and sugar and cheese and whatever else the recipe calls for. I’m going to have fun trying out new recipes.
And I’m going to eat…3 times a day with a couple healthy snacks thrown in.
And I’m going to exercise. I’ll walk or use the total gym when I get it set up. I’ll shoot for an hour a day but I’ll work up to that slowly.
I’m not going to buy diet foods, eat frozen dinners, stop by the drive-thru.
Will it work? I have no idea. If I go up a size, I’ll re-evaluate and work at cutting calories.
I’m throwing every bit of weight loss advice I’ve heard out the window.
We’ll see what happens.

One response to “No More Diets For Me

  1. go girl!! I’m sure it’ll work. I love to cook too, and eat…and I’ve been wondering I — who eat meat (with a bit of fat too), butter, cream, and drink Coke — lose weight faster than my friends who seem to know everything about food and what to avoid. So I’m pretty confident that your new outlook — doing things that you enjoy — is going to help. Keep us posted! ^_^

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