What I thought…

I thought dd would grow up, go to college and I’d quit worrying so much.
Don’t know why I thought that. I mean it was only 20 years ago I was giving MY mom hell.
It seems like I was surrounded by mom info when DD was little. It didn’t take me long to realize I wasn’t a room mom. I wasn’t a Junior League mom. I wasn’t a pageant mom. Nothing wrong with any of those moms, but they weren’t me.
DD wore a blue shirt with a dog applique with real eyelashes and purple and green Little Mermaid pants to school half her second grade year. They were her favorite clothes, and getting her to change was a battle I wasn’t willing to fight. I figured she was clean and well fed, so she’d survive.
And she did.
Even though I wasn’t color coordinating her outfits, baking her brownies, decorating bags and stuffing them with party invites.
It was okay. My stubborn beyond belief daughter was perfectly fine.
And then she went to college.
And suddenly I’m going crazy wondering what’s going on and HOW IN THE HECK can I make a difference.
I think the answer is it’s her life and she’s got to live it. Kind of like second grade with that shirt that totally didn’t match those pants at all.
I hope I’m right.


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