Giving up.
Not giving up.
The choice is really that simple.
I got a rejection today on a book that had been out for a year. People who read it laugh and cry. It’s a personal journey book. A love story. A story of faith lost and faith found. It’s also rejected. Multiple times.
Part of me wants to rip the book up, see where I copped out on the emotions and see if I can’t make it better and maybe end up selling it. Part of me says I’ve moved on to something else, how much time have I already spent on that book. Part of me says how much time have I spent on ALL the other books.
Time I could’ve been watching The Real Housewives of New York….
I think about giving up.
Six years ago, dh asked me to give up. I cried. I couldn’t believe he didn’t see how important it was to me. But then I realized it wasn’t that at all. He saw how important it was to me, and he hated how much rejection bothered me.
Today’s rejection was the second this week, the fifth this month. And none of them bothered me.
The one today didn’t bother me at all, really, until I started writing this.
When I got a rejection from an agent I liked yesterday, I told him while fast forwarding through the commercials on Lost. I think he wanted to ask if I was okay, but he was afraid because I was taking it so well.
This month, he’s kind of gotten into my writing, complimenting my story board, helping me with magic and D&D and mythology.
And I’m having fun with these new stories that incorporate the supernatural and reality.
There’s no guarantee I’ll get published, but as long as I’m writing and submitting, there’s no guarantee I won’t.
I’m not giving up.


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  1. HUGS on the rejection, but WOOT on not giving up. I mean, hell, we’re going to get older whether we do this or not, right? And we still have something to show for it, published or not.

  2. Hugs on the rejections. But good for you! I agree with Mary too. When I took the loooong break, I thought, should I even bother going back and then I realized it’s something I really enjoy and next year will come whether I try or not, so why the heck not?

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