I may not agree with what you say…

You know, I feel for Miss California. She was asked a question that required her to give her opinion. She gave her opinion. She wasn’t derogatory or inflammatory, she just said, no I don’t agree with gay marriage. And she’s been vilified by many ever since.
If they didn’t want an honest opinion about a hotly debated topic, they shouldn’t have asked.
I don’t like beauty pageants. I think they exemplify a lot of what is wrong with society today. We did away with class beauties in the yearbook because my students and I thought it was ridiculous to honor girls based on genetics. I think the same thing about pageants.
Still, I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death the right for you to say it.
The first time I was told those words, I was worried about losing my job because we’d dared to cover teen pregnancy from the abortion, adoption and keeping the baby angles. It was 1994, and my town was #1 per ca pita in teen pregnancies. We had an adoption agency, the abortion clinic had recently shut and we had plenty of girls walking around ready to go into labor at any time. The girl who kept her baby that we did the story over actually went into labor in my friend’s English class. So we did the stories, and they were amazing, and 40 teachers in my building signed the paper, put it in my box and said covering the story would lead to more teen pregnancies.
My thoughts: ladies and gentleman, you need a biology class, and MAYBE that’s why we had the problem.
Anyway, one of the teachers who’d signed the paper was a mentor of mine. I was devastated, but I didn’t say a word. Three days later she retracted her name from the list and sent me a card with those words. She told me people thought they were by Voltaire but it wasn’t really from him. She told me she might not like the topic, but it was the school paper. The end.
A lesson the people in charge of Miss California need to learn.


2 responses to “I may not agree with what you say…

  1. I agree with the freedom of speech. She should be able to say what she thinks, although I disagree with it. But then again, the pageant came out and said her answer had nothing to do with her loss. On the nudity, which is the reason they want her stripped of her crown, I agree with them. You know me, I grew up in Europe so nudity does not bother me, but, she signed off on those rules. She broke the rules. I think the rule is stupid, but if you agree to the rules, then break them, you cannot cry foul.
    I agree with you about pageants. As I said when this first happened, I didn’t even know it was on that night. I wish they would just get rid of them all together. And sad this is getting more coverage than the deadly shooting in Iraq, and, oh, I don’t know, the depression(IMHO) we are in…and the health care crisis. One reason I rarely watch the news on TV.

    • Yeah., If she would’ve just randomly started talking about being anti-gay marriage, that wouldn’t have been okay. BUT she was asked.
      It seemed like the pageant officials were just using the pics as an excuse because they were ticked.
      You are so right about the news focus though. I can’t believe how much time this took up. Ridiculous!

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