Today ‘s message at church rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t know why. Maybe it was the Cal Thomas column read at the beginning that made me feel like women with lives outside the home were doing something evil. DH says he didn’t hear that at all. But I spent the whole service fuming that a man was standing there preaching about what a good woman should be. Maybe I was just channeling the guilt I’ve always felt over NOT being the room mother, soccer mom, interior decorator, theme party thrower, memory book maker mom. Those mothers don’t go to major business meetings without makeup because they FORGOT to put it on. I do. (or I did Saturday).
I didn’t give my daughter that kind of life. But I did teach her how to pursue a dream, how to work for what you want, how to help others, how to believe in something bigger than you, how to tolerate differences, how to know right from wrong,and that credit cards are evil.
I taught her to make sure you love your job so every morning you wake up excited for the challenges ahead instead of dreading them. So that your JOB is really your passion. I taught her to stand up for what she believes and to work to make the world a better place.
I didn’t teach her to cook, but she figured that out on her own. My sense of style is a lack of style, but she’s got a great sense of fashion. I didn’t teach her to write, but through her love of books, she developed a voice that makes me ask her all the time to please write books.
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a housewife. It wasn’t something I had the opportunity to do, and now that those days are over, I can honestly say I don’t think I’d ever want that life. I’m not that person. And that doesn’t make me a bad mom or a bad wife.
I know the minister didn’t mean for me to take things the way I did. DH laughed and said it was a straight up First Baptist message. That right there’s why I don’t go to First Baptist.
Happy Mother’s Day!


2 responses to “bothered

  1. And you are a wonderful mom and raised a beautiful daughter. Kudos!

  2. As someone who has been both the homemaker and the career wife, I must say the working woman garners much more respect from professionals than the lady who forgets to speak without the baby tone at times. Proud of you. Proud of Katie.

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