Working, writing, Being Mom

I hate the “I suck” feeling. It sneaks up and smacks me upside he head every once in a while, and I want to ignore it, but sometimes it just won’t be ignored.
Today I had the I suck feeling about my work, my writing and being mom. Love it when the triumvirate of suckiness drags me into the depths of depression. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I’m stuck living through it.
So tonight I’m going to work on my new story, no matter how sucky I feel about it. And I’m going to enjoy the weekend and forget about work. The sucky mom feeling won’t be able to go away until DD comes home for five days between school and her summer job, but I’ll push that to the back of my brain until I can deal with it rationally.
Fortunately there’s a great Shiraz in my fridge! 🙂


2 responses to “Working, writing, Being Mom

  1. HUGS!!!! You do NOT suck—-you’re amazingly dedicated! Enjoy your weekend!

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