I love Starbucks

Always have. Always will. I don’t have a fancy favorite drink. I pretty much like whatever special is on the board for the day. I love the music and the way they know my name and the fun atmosphere and the fact that the caffee is strong enough to wake me up in the morning.
I don’t like the prices. So, I admit, I decided to try the cheaper McDonald’s coffee shop.
News today that McDonald’s is sinking more money into the coffee business. And maybe they’ll make it work, but my McDonald’s coffee experience so far has been pretty lousy. The mocha tastes like chocolate instead of coffee. Plain coffee is weak and tastes like McDonald’s. All it did was make me want Starbucks kind of like the fake iPhones make me want an iPhone more than ever.
McDonald’s can go forward with their coffee experiment, but I won’t be one of their customers. Sure Starbucks costs more, but it’s worth every penny.


2 responses to “I love Starbucks

  1. I went into a B&N today just to smell the Starbucks. LOL! I love their Chai Tea. Iced in the summer, hot in the winter. Yum!

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