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File the one under UGH

So today we went to play pool with some friends in town for Easter, and DD came up to play with us. Great fun. I had no idea she could play.
Also had no idea how to respond when she got hit on…twice.

God works in mysterious ways

For three years I’ve had to call “yearbook Mother Nature.” It’s what I say when we have a 70-100% chance of snow on a yearbook deadline day. This year I tried calling “yearbook Mother Nature,” to no avail. The snow and ice hit in the middle of deadline. I was sad. Until today. Today is Good Friday. We’re supposed to be out of school. We were supposed to be done with yearbook deadline yesterday. 100 pages DONE.
BUT we had 60-80 mph winds yesterday and our power was knocked out. So here we are at school, working, on what would’ve been a day off IF not for the snow earlier.
Whew. Glad yearbook Mother Nature didn’t work this time!

Revisions, one last chance

Before I send my Intrigue out, I’m doing a last set of revisions. It’s seriously hard this time. I have no idea why, but trying to read the book on the computer was almost impossible. Complete disconnect.
Enter Stanza.
How much do I love this iPod Ap?
Words can’t do it justice.
I’m going to do a read through on my iPod (inspiring–it’s like my book is published, and that gives me hope!) taking notes as I go and then I’ll revise.
I LOVE Stanza.
I LOVE my iPod.
I actually love my book, too. I was reading it last night and almost forgot it was mine.
Find out tomorrow about the Bite Blurb contest on eHarlequin. Fingers crossed!

Birthday girl, 19

19 years ago, you were my baby girl

1st Watermelon

1st Watermelon

Today, you still are

Katie, self portrait

Katie, self portrait

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!
Man, I feel old.

A funny thing happened…

I guess we should’a figured this one out when he wanted a crew cab Ford F250 I needed a step to climb in and I wanted a Miata.
Or when he wanted to watch Fast and Furious or NASCAR and I wanted to watch Hope Floats or The Tudors (you can watch the season 3 premier online at!). Or when his idea of great music was Judas Priest and mine was Trisha Yearwood.
Somehow though, we never really understood how vastly different our tastes were until we seriously started looking for a house.
I talk to the agent tomorrow. How exciting! My great friend HILARIOUS author Karen Kelley gave me some good advice today. She said to make sure I love what I write and to make sure I have plenty more ideas in that genre.It’s strange because I love writing suspense and the paranormal aspect plays a role in the next three books I have planned. They’re spin-offs the Bite I just finished, but they could all stand alone also.
BUT I love writing writing women’s fiction also. The one I have slated to write next is very Steel Magnolias/Brothers & Sisters, and the chances for such huge character development and conflict excite me. Choosing one or the other is almost impossible. It’ll be interesting to talk to the agent to see what she says. She hasn’t seen my work yet. Hopefully she’ll ask to see it!


I liked the book well enough. It was slow at times, but I wanted to see what happened with Bella and Edward. New Moon I loved. Lots of conflicts. Eclipse… hundreds of pages of NOTHING.
The movie…hours of nothing. Nothing more than long lingering stares.
Last few minutes are good, but not good enough to have spent over an hour to get there. UGH!

New Principal

For the last few months we’ve been going through the process of finding a new principal for our school. Today we found out our assistant principal will more into the position. I’m thrilled for her and excited for us. Our school is the biggest in town, and she’ll be the first female principal. Years ago I blogged about how women can’t have it all. I was exhausted beyond belief and tired of fighting. This has helped energize me again.


The fantasy was fun. Totally different from anything I’ve written before other than the danger aspect. It’s entered in the Nocturne Bites blurb contest on eHarlequin.
The novella part of a 4-part planned series, but it can stand alone.
Now it’s time to do more.
(I haven’t heard from the agent. If I don’t hear tomorrow, I’ll call her. She said I could, so I guess I will. Ack!)