UIL Regionals

When we pulled up to the hotel,we knew we were in trouble. The used pregnancy test in the parking lot was just one of the signs.
The rusty window units, broken vertical blinds circa 1987, plastic white whipping in the wind with How Joh. All pointed to bad news. The elevator without a certification with doors that closed one second after opening meant stairs were our best friend. Thank GOD we were on the second floor. Unfortunately, the night club was on the second floor. Fortunately there was a red painted mural outside the club with You Must Be This Tall to Ride This Ride pointing to 21. That and the fact that if the club was open, our kids were too afraid to crash it. 🙂
Phone books held up my bed. Towels were holey and stained. The mattresses were those camp “prison” beds, the black and white striped ones with no support.
When we checked in the clerk informed us one person per room could eat the “free” breakfast. We told the kids we’d draw straws for who lost that one.
For the first time in school trip history, I wasn’t worried about my kids sneaking out. They were petrified.
We were in San Angelo competing for UIL academic regional competition. Instead of complaining, the kids laughed. And Laughed. And Laughed. It turned into one of those “oh ny Gawd, you’ve got to see this” horror after another. In the end three girls earned the trip to State, including one of mine; Emily took first in features.
We go to State in two weeks. Hopefully we get decent rooms. 🙂

3 responses to “UIL Regionals

  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or gasp in horror! Who arranged it???

  2. We have a new UIL person this year because our last two moved to Dallas. One of those two was the one who was supposed to take over this year, and she’d been trained. Sooooo our new person didn’t know to make reservations early and just cancel rooms if we didn’t need them. We got the only rooms left in San Angelo. And it showed! 🙂
    But at least we won.

  3. Oh no! I’m still jealous though. STATE!

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