Become a fan of God

So the other day on Facebook I saw someone had become a fan of God. I don’t know why that struck me as odd. I didn’t click to join the person in his fandom. And then for two days I wondered if my immediate reluctance to join was a bad thing. I mean I like God, but becoming a “fan” belittles Him in a way. It’s like yeah I like God and Disney and the Dallas Stars and cupcakes. I’m not a fan of God, I’m a follower. I want my actions and words to reflect that. I want my life to be a light. I don’t want to judge or preach. I just want to live and let people see Him through me. I grew up with a different kind of God. An angry God. A God who held us over the fiery pit of hell and threatened to throw us in at any misstep. A God who didn’t understand humanity. (Silly really since He created us!)
Today is one of the holiest days of the year, and as I sit here writing I know, I’m definitely a fan of God, but I want to be more.
Happy Easter!

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