I liked the book well enough. It was slow at times, but I wanted to see what happened with Bella and Edward. New Moon I loved. Lots of conflicts. Eclipse… hundreds of pages of NOTHING.
The movie…hours of nothing. Nothing more than long lingering stares.
Last few minutes are good, but not good enough to have spent over an hour to get there. UGH!


2 responses to “Twilight

  1. I don’t get the appeal of Twilight at all. My roommates were/are obsessed with it, and they basically forced me to read the first book. Quite honestly, I think Edward is anything BUT romantic. He strikes me as a controlling stalker and it kind of worries me a little that he’s going to be the “romantic ideal” for a whole slew of preteen/teenage girls. I hear in the later books (which I didn’t read since the first one was like a slow death to me!) he tells her who she can/can’t talk to, etc. Even in the first one, she was so dependent on him, and his “love” was more like creepy obsession. My roommates, of course, decided that I was just romantically challenged and continued drooling over their Edward. That’s all right. People can like whatever books they like. To me, the writing was… decent. It was a little slow, the characters (especially Bella) came off as a little too… perfect. She was beautiful without knowing it, clumsy in an endearing way, everyone wanted her but she was the “good” girl who wanted to please her daddy, the elegant tomboy, tough but vulnerable. I didn’t see enough faults to make her interesting. As far as reading the rest of the series… there was a big “who cares” element for me. They’re obviously going to end up together. He’s going to turn her into a vampire eventually. It’s all pretty much laid out there except for the roadblocks that’ll show up.

    I watched the movie with the old roomies in my new apartment last week and we had to agree to disagree again. For one, the guy who played Edward was… not as gorgeous as they seemed to think? Not to mention I couldn’t stop myself from making fun of the stalkerishness and stilted SO NOT HOW HIGH SCHOOL KIDS TALK dialogue.

    I seem to have missed being bitten by this particular vampire series, which is interesting since I normally love the stuff. Just not my cup of tea, I suppose. Give me Laurel K Hamilton back in the early Anita books and you’ve got a happy girl. Another interesting one is a book I got on the bargain shelf at MSU called “Fangland,” though I can’t remember the author right now. I liked it.

    Another interesting matter of taste; Prof. Hoggard had been hounding me to read some Faulkner for both of the semesters I had his class. I finally gave in. On the drive to Colorado over spring break I read “A Light in August.” I was… nonplussed. It was okay. Too wordy. Too confusing with all the switching back and forth. I told him I didn’t like it and he thought I was insane. It’s all right, I think he generally thinks I’m kind of crazy anyway. Maybe it’s just part of being a writer?

    Congrats on the progress with the agent though! That’s super exciting!

  2. A Light in August…meh. The Sound and the Fury…PURE GENIUS! Read it with A Street Car Named Desire. I LOVED it! I read TSatF first, and I liked all of his stuff after. But you’re right. I kow plenty of anti-Faulkner people, but I’m surprised you don’t like him. Cormac McCarthy reminds me of Faulkner.

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