New Book

So I have this new book drafted. It’s a novella and could actually end up four novellas. It’s completely different from anything I’ve done before. The paranormal elements in it push boundaries I’ve never really examined in my writing.
Anyway, I was explaining it to my husband last night, showing the fantasy elements, having fun, when he got all serious and said I needed to go research sorcery before I wrote any more.
Research. Sorcery.
And he was serious.
Who knew?!
Apparently he’s a D&D guy from back in the day (WAY back in the day since we’ve been together for 20 years, and this is news to me).

3 responses to “New Book

  1. Funny the things you never know about people until they’re prompted to tell you!

    Also, doing a newspaper without a server? Not. Fun.
    The Wichitan server died yesterday (i.e. deadline day when half of the paper was done) for good. We’re not getting our archives or anything back. Nothing. I had to redesign the ENTIRE PAPER and retype stories, redo the WHOLE THING and even rebuild several templates before we could go to press.
    Not. Fun.

  2. From my experience and education in world building, if you are putting magic into your world, it MUST maintain internal consistency in order to be believable, just like everything else. Where does magic come from? Is it supernatural or just advanced physics? Does it tap the earth’s energies or some other plane of existence? How is it viewed in the world? (this one can be different depending on area, but must have some kind of consistency) You may not have to explain all these things in your story, but if you want it to be more than hand-wavery you must at least have a framework for it before you actually use it in a story. I remind you that this is from my vast professional experience as a teacher, a UPS guy, and an accounting student. My whole life has very little internal consistency. lol

  3. HUGS Brittany!

    Bill, you are absolutely right about the magic. It’s totally supernatural but has been enhanced by advanced physics.

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