Netflix increases Blu-Ray cost, no thanks! And News

So today I got an e-mail from Netflix letting me know that more and more movies are available on Blu-Ray. I figured the gist of the e-mail would be “since so many Blu-Rays are available now, we’ll drop the $1 surcharge we’ve been including.” Nope. They increased the Blu-Ray expense by $4 a month. Call me cheap, but no thanks.
Most of the movies I get are TV series, foreign films and Indie’s anyway, and most of them aren’t available on Blu-Ray. I’ve enjoyed the few BR’s I’ve seen, but it’s the story that matters.
I wonder how many Netflix customers dropped their BR today?

News: A top romance author likes my work (woo hoo, feeling a little like Sally Fields) and recommended me to her agent. I about died when I checked my phone and heard the author’s voice. I made DH listen. I jumped up and down. I told myself to breathe. Unfortunately it was 11:30 p.m., so I had to wait until today to call her back. I’ll be talking to the agent soon. It’s not a “done deal” or anything even close, but it was a huge affirmation for me and my writing. I REALLY needed that!

2 responses to “Netflix increases Blu-Ray cost, no thanks! And News

  1. How awesome about the phone call!!!!!! I hope it brings good things!


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