I’m signed up with a new service provider and I’ve started the process of moving my domain to a new company. Thank GOD!
It took long enough, but it’s finally working.

Today, I got a rejection on my women’s fiction from an agent who’d rejected the book already six months ago. She really must’ve hated it. 🙂 Nah, I figure she just somehow lost the fact that she’d already sent the rejection. I know I get confused. Or maybe my stupid e-mail program had stashed the rejection away in its memory and it re-sent it to me. I better go check out the date-line on the rejection. Dear God, if my blankety-blank e-amilre-sent out all the professional e-mails I’ve sent over the last four years, this could be embarrassing.
Ok calm down. No sense freaking out over what could be nothing…back in a minute…
whew. Okay. Nope. The original query was in May. No re-sent e-mails. I don’t really understand how e-mail works. I have no idea why randomly over the last two years my e-mail has suddenly stopped working. All I know is that’s going to change sometime in the next 5-7 business days. Whew.

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