So today I got to work, and my purse was making this weird beeping noise. It’s a scary thing when my purse makes beeping noises.
See my purse is the size of a bowling bag. And that’s just from the outside. inside the thing is never ending. It’s like some Harry Potter backpack. There are all sorts of corners and crevices and pockets where things hide. I live in fear of searching my purse for missing items.
So anyway, I get to school and my (Land of the Lost–I LOVED that show) purse is beeping and still, brave girl that I am, I reached my hand inside to get my school keys.
Instead, I find my house phone.
I didn’t use my house phone before I left for school. I didn’t enter the Golden Heart contest this year, so I wasn’t subconsciously waiting for a call. I don’t even remember touching the phone this morning.
But there it was…in my bottomless bag.

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