every day…

for a couple years, this kid has run by my house. He usually walks until her gets to the corner of my yard, then starts his run. By every day, I mean this kid’s dedicated. Rain, snow, doesn’t matter. He’s out there. He’s probably 8th grade this year. He has that almost high school but not quite yet little kid look about him. When he first ran by my house I thought he was way too young to be out running on his own.
I’ve never talked to him, never let him know we see him every day.
Yesterday he ran by just like always. And about a minute later his little brother got to the edge of our yard and took off following him. It was the first time we’ve seen little brother.
When I saw them I thought about the lessons this teaches. The importance of leading the way, guiding, coaching, diligence, motivating, being a strong role model. It’s going to be interesting to see if the little brother is as dedicated as the older one.


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