So the professional e-mail, e-mail I PAY for, isn’t working. It’s the third time in two years the site’s gone down. This time I haven’t had a response back from customer service, so I’m moving my site to a new company. I haven’t heard back from the original site with the code I need to be able to keep my domain (who knew there was a code?!?), so I might have to change my domain name. Grrrrr.
All this took place over the course of the last three days. Yesterday my coffee pot quit working, so I’m dealing with this stress without my coffee. I drink coffee like normal people drink water. It’s an addiction. Argh. And it’s the end of spring break.
What a mess.
It might still be a mess with coffee, but I think I could handle it a bit better with coffee. 🙂
Tomorrow we’re going to Grapevine. I’m going to replace my coffee habit with a wine habit. I can do that now that the deadlines from hell are over.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day!

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