Breathe part 2

London, Paris, Rome. I hit the high points of my bucket list last summer. The side trip to the public hospital for an eight day extended stay in the hospital in Italy aside, I loved my travels to Europe, and I’ll definitely go again.
Since I’ve been back in good ol’ WF, my life has been so completely different.
I had to learn to depend on others, not exactly something I’m great at. I had to learn to slow down. Only around me life kept speeding up.
It’s been like sitting in the middle of a merry-go-round holding on for dear life to a flimsy handle bar watching while everything around spins out of control.
I know if I let go I’m going to fly off, hit the ground and feel a little motion sick, but after a few minutes life will get back to normal.
The good part about teaching is I have to let go in two months. For the last week, during spring break, I’ve been able to let go. It wasn’t easy at first. But now as the week closes, I feel like I can breathe again, and I know the next two months are going to be awesome.

Book update: The editor who requested the book said it didn’t have enough suspense and passed it to a different line, but she requested something new if it had more suspense. Sooooo I have two novels out right now plus the agent requests on a different work.


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