I met one of my best friends for breakfast this morning. She used to be a teacher, but she’s gone into the consulting business. We always solve the world’s problems when we’re together. I swear if we became masters of the universe, utopia would be possible! 🙂
What this friend has taught me:
•good wine really does taste better than the cheap stuff, but if the cheap stuff’s all you got, have at it.
•small personal touches make a world of difference to a room.
•a big heart conquers all.
•striving to make each lesson better makes me a better teacher.
•don’t freak out!
•Hugs help.
•treat each student as if they were my own child.
•LAUGHTER cures life’s ills.
•Embrace life passionately.
•When you find a TV show you can’t live without, SHARE!
•(See above, replace TV with book)
•Cheese and crackers can be a great dinner.
•If the recipe calls for blending the soup, hold the top on the blender with a towel or there’s gonna be a mess!
•If the mess happens, hey, you get a taste test and a big laugh.
•Shoes do make the world go round.
•Shoe sales are an essential before purchase.

Thanks Sheila! My life would be incomplete without your friendship. 🙂


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