The week ahead…ACK!

This week:
•we have to finish the yearbook
•story and ad deadline for newspapaer means I’ll be reading a lot of copy (please!)
•I have to clean my house
•DD comes home late for Spring Break (after her interview for the job she really, really wants!)
•I have to mail the first three chapters of my book for critique by an NYT bestselling author…and I’m not feeling like much a of a writer these days.
•Somehow I have to fit working out into my schedule
•We find out the cost of waiting to have someone out to level the house. That will determine whether we stay in this house or not.

It’s a little overwhelming.
But it can be done.
I hope.


2 responses to “The week ahead…ACK!

  1. Eek! Good luck, Mary Beth! When is your Spring Break?

  2. Thanks Mary. SB is in two weeks. 2 more weeks of 80-hour work weeks and then I get to reclaim my life, thank GOD!!!!
    I’ve been blessed that Brian’s been off during the last two months of hell, otherwise known as yearbook deadline. 🙂
    On a bright note, I’ve got a project out with two agents and I’ll have another with an author for a detailed critique this week. For the first time in a LONG time I feel like a writer again!

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