Every year we make our way to the home and garden show in February. Usually we go to get great ideas a bunch of pens and to check out bake interest rates.
The banks weren’t there this year. In fact, this year’s show was pretty much a bust.
After that we stopped by Wal Mart for groceries. On almost every aisle someone mentioned how expensive groceries are.
They’re right.
When I got home, I thought about taking a picture of my house. It’s falling apart. Has been for years. I live here though, making the most out of it because it’s what I can afford. A few years ago we were told we qualified for a major home loan. We chose to stay here in the old house. Now the government’s going to help people stay in houses they can’t afford.

One response to “economy

  1. One of my friends had a baby this week and I got something for her, then wanted to get a little gift for her older son, because they always feel left out, ya know? I could NOT find a decent toy under $10 at Target! WTH? I ended up getting him a book and Magna Doodle set at Borders for $4 in the bargain section, but REALLY.

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