My district is implementing a new grading policy that changes the nature f deadline significantly. I’m all for the policy change. I’d love to teach in a pass/fail system where grades mean nothing and passing means you’ve learned–really learned–not just learned to a 70, 80, 90 OR worse learned sort of but made enough homework-folder-daily-class participation-just for fun-grades that you squeaked by or even soared by on your report card.
My friend’s step son has made consistent As and Bs in supposed college level classes and yet he failed our state’s basic skills test. Something obviously needs to change in the way schools do business when it comes to grades.
I’m a little afraid.
Over the last handful of years, I’ve watched fewer and fewer students understand the word DEADLINE, and I’ve watched several of those same students struggle in higher education. I hope we can somehow make this system work while instilling the idea of deadline.
I know a lot of teachers resent the idea that education is broken, but it is. I hope we can fix it.


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