Daily Archives: February 17, 2009

You know

Just when you think you’ve got everything figured out, something reaches out and smacks you back to reality.

I love my job. Love it.
I love my school.
I love my students.

But I HATE how incredibly difficult it is to get kids to understand urgency. And really, kids is an over-generalization. Half my students totally understand urgency, and the other half just sort of slug around getting work in when they get to it.
My editors thought grades were key. But they’re not. I could give everyone NOT doing their work a 50, but that wouldn’t get the work done. And griping about it like I am here won’t get it done either. I don’t want to motivate. I want to say get your butts out there and do the job the 1800 students in this school are expecting you to do you lazy slackers, BUT, that’s not exactly motivating. Last year I ran an “apologies to blah de blah de blah” box that ended with “but the reporter assigned did not cover the story.” I didn’t name the reporter, but it served its purpose. Still though, that kid didn’t do his work and that story didn’t get covered, so yeah, public humiliation went a long way to causing kids to gasp when they saw the box, but nothing good came from it. That’s not an option this year. I want the kids to do what they need to do.
I’ve made individual grade sheets for yearbook, and we’ll go over those tomorrow. Maybe that will help, especially since my editors and three staff members were the only ones after school today and there are 16 missed deadlines.
I’ve called an emergency meeting for newspaper. And Wednesday they’ll get the same grade sheets.