At the beginning of this school year, teachers in my district were given the opportunity to join a sick leave bank. They gave 2 of their sick days to the bank, and they would get back more days in the event that they ended up with more sick days off than they had accumulated over their work history.
The bank was supposed to help prevent some of the ridiculous problems we’ve had in the past. A few years ago my friend lost a baby five months into the pregnancy. She ended up owing the district money because she didn’t have enough sick leave to cover her days. At that time, we had a sick leave pool. They’d let people request donor days from other employees in the district. But my friend wasn’t able to apply to the slp because losing a baby wasn’t “sick.”
So the bank seemed like a good idea.
Seemed. But the reality stinks.
One of the j-teachers in my district had to have a hysterectomy. Her doctor said she didn’t have a choice. She was bleeding so much she was going to have to be hospitalized and there was a cancer risk.So she turned her paperwork into the sick leave bank. When she turned the paperwork in, the girl who took it said, “Now you know, just because you apply, doesn’t mean you’re going to be approved..” She didn’t think anything of it. Her doctor said this was REQUIRED and that it was required immediately. Last week she found out a “committee” had met and decided her request didn’t qualify. She now owes the district for seven days off AND the insurance money the district paid on those seven days. She’s been told she can appeal, but an appeal is hopeless. She’s contacted our teacher organization who requested copies of the paperwork on file with the district. When she tried to get the copies of her file, she was told she couldn’t have it.
File this under are you kidding me?!


4 responses to “Seriously?!?

  1. And that, is the reason why I never donated any days to a sick bank. They told me they couldn’t be used for so many different purposes, I thought–what’s the point?

    The teacher who couldn’t get copies of her file should possibly consider getting legal help. When I requested a copy of my file before I left our district, I had to sign for it, but they gave it to me. They were required to do so. I think she could fight this, and it’s probably worth doing.

  2. Oh, depending on whether or not your friend wants to work in that district again…she could contact the local media. They might be able to help her.

    • She does want to stay in the district so she hasn’t taken the local media route. I announced what was going on at our school’s faculty meeting today. Talk about angry teachers. We really need a teacher advocacy group for just this kind of situation. She has contacted her teacher group lawyer, and so far they’ve said she can’t have her records because of HIPPA. That makes no sense because HIPPA means I can’t see her records, but she should be able to get them.
      It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

  3. This is terrible. I never donate to the leave bank, either, but I have disability insurance that would kick in so I wouldn’t have to pay. Poor thing!

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