Sad & How to do Vegas cheap

Strangest thing. We went to Circuit City tonight to check out the deals (not much!) and I was so sad. The empty shelves and the one kid working his tail off while all the other workers sort of slouched around trying to be invisible made the economic crisis seem a lot more real. Last week when we were in Vegas, it was obvious the boom times were over, but this was more obvious.

We stayed in a gorgeous room at the MGM Signature Suites. Got a deal on the room, 3rd night free. Took a taxi to Albertson’s, bought groceries, and ate all but one meal a day in the room.
Bought our show tickets at the half-price ticket place under the big Coke bottle right by the MGM Grand.
Played limit poker at O’Shae’s for hours and hours and hours. You don’t hit the big jackpots playing small limit poker, but you have fun. I’ve gone through $100 in 10 minutes on the slots. This was way more fun.
O’Shae’s is the perfect place to learn poker. It’s cheap and fun and way laid back.
Drink water instead of cokes and tea. I know that sounds strange, but when you add up the cost of drinks, it doesn’t take long to figure out why you should drink water.
Don’t drink when you’re playing table games. Seriously. They’ll give you all the alcohol you want for free if you’re gambling. BUT if you stay sober during your hours of poker playing fun, you’ll have multiple opportunities to win against drunk tourists who think they’re the next Phil Ivey.
The Duece. The bus goes up and down the strip 24 hours a day. It’s $7 for unlimited rides. Can’t beat that. it’s clean, and everyone is nice, and it’s easy to figure out. WAY better than the bus in Cancun. 🙂
Next time we decide to go, we’re going to check out the last minute deals from AA. They’re cheap deals on hotel/flights for a weekend.
I’ll post pics from Vegas later.

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