snow day

Woke up to an inch of ice on the road today. UGH!

Usually I’m all for a snow day, but today was the last day of newspaper deadline and the beginning of the big push in the next yearbook deadline. Can’t fight mother nature, though, so I told the kids to enjoy their day, and I settled in for a day of books and movies.

Watched Rome season 1, disc 1. LOVED it! Can’t wait for discs 2 and 3.

Spent a while searching for Delicious by Sherry Thomas in eReader format. No luck. Figured out how to download eReader books from Books on Board and get them on my iPod. Am now proud owner of SEP’s latest. Even though it’s still icing outside, I was able to get one of my favorite author’s books on the day it came out. Can’t beat that.

Currently reading Karen Templeton’s latest, Reining in the Rancher. Loving it. Realized somehow I missed one of hers. Not sure how since she’s an instant buy for me, and I thought I got e-mail alerts when a new Templeton came out. Strange.

For a snow day, I’ve accomplished a lot. 🙂

6 responses to “snow day

  1. Welcome back, big sis! We got some rain and dropping temps out of that snow you had. 60 degrees when we woke up. 40 now (4:00 est).

    • It got to 38 here today. It’s still wet outside, so I’m not going to church. Brian’s mucho unhappy, but I don’t want to risk the ice tonight. I can only imagine breaking my ankle again. UGH!

  2. Lucky! The entire university was closed, but since the Wichitan has contracts with Persidea to print at a certain time, we still had to come in. I was so worried someone was going to have a wreck or something. To make sure everyone got out early, I cut the paper from eight pages to six and told everyone to get it done as fast as they could. The theater department had DRESS REHEARSAL and they didn’t even come. I told everyone that was a sure sign we shouldn’t be there, if the theater kids didn’t even show up!

  3. I called the adviser that morning and said “randy, we aren’t doing this, right? The roads are horrible.” And he went on and on about contracts–I could have called persidea and they wouldn’t have cared, and if our four advertisers this issue had a problem with being a day or two late, we could have comped them, we have the funds–but there wasn’t a lot I could do. Anyone who could just email their stuff, I had them do that. The people who absolutely had to come in did, and we worked our butts off from about 10am to 9:30 to get the thing done. It’s certainly not our best paper ever, but I wanted to get people HOME.

    And then, the icing on top? The university was closed today too, so we couldn’t even distribute the papers.

    At least everyone made it back safe.

  4. ACK! Well, I guess you guys did what professional reporters do. 🙂

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