New Beginnings

Today as I brought over all my old LiveJournal posts to this new blog, it was a little like a walk through my past. Second semester of DD’s freshman year in high school, I started my blog to help inspire my writing. Now it’s second semester of DD’s freshman year in college, and I see the blog is about so much more. My life’s themes seem to revolve around DD and DH, teaching, awesome books, sucky books, writing, rejection, hope and more, critique partners, RWA and RRRW, family, I’ll never read eBooks to I love eBooks!, friends, escape, dreams, love, anger, desire, love, heartbreak, motherhood is the best thing ever, motherhood sucks, I was never meant to be the PTA Mom and I’m okay with that, Kitchen Goddess wanna be disasters, Kitchen Goddess Diva deluxe, Weight Watchers YES!, Weight Watchers OMG, Weight Watchers Sucks, broken ankles, travel, TV-TV-TV, movie-movies-movies, Netflix Rocks, Jennifer Crusie, Deborah Smith, Susan Elizabeth Phillips are goddesses of the written word, eHarlequin, I-love-blogs!, yearbook, newspaper, J-conferences, favorite authors, the press, students, my life.
Until today, I didn’t realize how important my blog is to me. Or how much I want in life that I still don’t have.
Or how essential my desire to write is to my self identity.
It’s 2009. I started this blog journey in January 2005. I’m not even sure I’m the same person.
But I sure am thankful. And I’m re-inspired.
The teacher me,mom me, wife me, reader me still exists. But the writer me has been reborn.

2 responses to “New Beginnings

  1. Woo hoo! It is kind of cool to go back and see what you were thinking at one time or another. Love wordpress, so easy to work with. My whole site is wordpress.

    • This was my first real attempt to use it. I HATE that I lost all my pics and videos from LiveJoural. I’ll have to make sure they’re backed up somewhere. 🙂
      I think I’ll eventually use WP for my site, too.
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.

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