Daily Archives: December 3, 2008


So this year I’m BAKING my gifts for friends. I haven’t done this in years (see previous posts about me and kitchen disasters). I ran two tests: One macaroon and one Snickerdoodle. Since I did the test run, I knew how I wanted to tweak the Snickerdoodle recipe. It was scary because the idea that I was tweaking a recipe was just a little outlandish, but I like crunchy Snickerdoodles, so tweak I did, and it worked! Crunchy Snickerdoodles. Tonight I made the first of my Snickerdoodle gift bags. And even though it took two hours, I’ve got to say I’m happier giving these gifts than I’ve been in years. One, the cookies taste good. DH ate three. Two, there’s a little me in every gift. And my friends totally know my cooking horror stories. 🙂
Now to find a peanut butter cookie recipe I like. YAY!
You can find the recipe on Suzanne McMinn’s blog. And trust me, if I can make them, anyone can! My tweak, a little less flour and  I didn’t refrigerate the dough. Also, I creamed the butter and sugar, then added the eggs and vanilla using my mixer before changing to a wooden spoon for the rest of the ingredients. While you’re reading the recipe, check out Suzanne’s latest Romantic Suspense, Protected in His Arms.