My professional e-mail isn’t working. There’s no telling how long it hasn’t been working. I’ve been sending tests from it because I thought it was odd that I didn’t get some auto responses. Today I sent a check TO IT from another e-mail just to see if it was working on incoming mail. Nope. Nothing. I PAY for this e-mail, and it’s not working. I have three submissions out right now, and my e-mail’s not working. All three subs are out with people who only use e-mail for responses. I have SEVERAL e-mails out to agents, all of which have probaby responded to this e-mail. I’m so aggravated right now. If I don’t hear back from the company by tomorrow morning, I’m sending e-mails from my non-professional e-mail.The one that works. But that looks so completely unprofessional. I HATE this. How did I not catch it sooner. Why didn’t I realize INCOMING e-mail and OUTGOING e-mail aren’t necessarily the same thing!!!!  Argh!!!!!!!!

Dang it.


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